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We have asked 6th grade at Kastanjeskolan in Malmö to share some of their reflections on how they look at and use different media.
We asked them to -in groups- discuss questions like: What kind of films appeals to both children and adults? How would you describe your favorite film hero/heroine? What kind of conflicts in film are the most bothersome for you to watch and why? How do you use Youtube, Netflix and other streaming sites? How do you use SVTPlay? What do you find is the main difference between film and games? Does games give you the same option of „floating“ with a range of feelings as film sometimes does? How do you think the future of media will look like?

Here are some of their thoughts! Read more ›

Do you believe in Transmedia?” -audio format*



By Josephine Rydberg Lidén, Cross Media Expert and Consultant.

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*The article can be read in The Financing Forum for Kids Content 2014 catalogue.



A conversation with Chrystel Poncet, Canal +

Chrystel_Poncet_cropOn the last day of The Financing Forum Chrystel Poncet, Senior Acquisition Executive, CANAL +, France, was busy talking to lots of teams. We found five minutes to chat between pitches…

So what in general are you looking for at Canal +?

That depends on the channel. We have 3 kids channels: Canal + Family, Piwi + the pre-school channel and TéléTOON + for kids aged 6-10. In general we’re looking for comedy live action series, animation etc. For the pre-school channel we are always looking for new things – we especially like ‘poesy’ for the youngest. We’re also looking for branded content, because the competition amongst channels is huge in France. For the 6-10 year olds we’re looking for comedy TV series. In general we really like unusual design or concepts. We like it ‘when it’s not like everything else’. Read more ›

How do you find indie finance when nobody knows you?

Amanda RoweAnnika Gustafson Executive Director of BoostHbg introduced Amanda Romare the force behind the Gabriel Klint transmedia universe. Amanda talked briefly about how you can bring change through storytelling and how you can sell a cause to financiers.

So what do you do when you have a great idea and you know nobody? Where do you start? Where do you go for finance? Read more ›

Multiplatform storytelling for real-world social change

Adipat_Virdi_cropTransmedia producer Adipat Virdi from Transmediasphere gave a short presentation on new ways of telling stories and engaging a more ‘connected’ audience. He used a current project Searching – which explores the issue of honor killing – to reveal some of the methodologies utilized by his consultancy.

Transmedia, said Adipat, is ‘a bit of a rubbish word’: We’re still telling stories as we were – we just have more tools these days to tell them.

At heart the audience is changing. There are multiple shifts going on in how we create engagement. Read more ›

Keynote: International Interactives and kids! part 2

DaPonte_Jason_cropJason DaPonte (former head of BBC Mobile) and Asta Wellejus (former Zentropa Interactive CEO)Wellejus_Asta_crop presented a selection of some of the more interesting transmedia projects they’ve seen in the last year, plus a few that are up and coming.

So…this was quite a fast – and fact-filled – session showing some projects which might be familiar to visitors from last year to the Forum, but with some new ones as well. The general idea was for both Jason and Asta (who are very across what’s around at the moment) to see if they could draw out of these disparate projects some common threads of tendencies, themes and tech. Read more ›

Case Study: Sputnik

sputnikSpeakers: Producer Marcel Lenz & director Markus Dietrich, Ostlicht Filmproduktion, Germany

Moderator: Rasmus Krogh, Nordisk Film Distribution

Pitched at The Financing Forum 2010, Sputnik premiered in Autumn 2013 and is short-listed for the German Film Award 2014.

Markus and Marcel gave us an engrossing – and very honest – account of the long journey Sputnik took from idea to movie screen.

As Markus put it ‘I’m here to tell you the emotional part of the story, Marcel is here for the information and the facts’. Read more ›

Opening Keynote: Audience in the Mind – Michael Gubbins

After a brief welcome from Annette Brejner and Viola Gabrielli, the Opening Industry Day of the 2014 Financing Forum for Kids Content got under way to a full house at the HIPP.

First of the sessions was from Michael Gubbins, Chairman of Film Agency for Wales and film consultant and journalist.

MICHAEL_GUBBINS_cropMichael is the author of this year’s report in the CineRegio-backed Digital Revolution series Audience in the Mind and his presentation took us through the key points of that work.

His focus was on the changing relationship between audience and content in an on-demand digital age. What do these changes mean for children’s films? How do we need to change our economic models to leverage finance? Read more ›

Visitor Spotlight: Michel Ruben

Michel_RubenWith an extensive background as a producer, working with the likes of Pedro Almodovar, and companies such as HBO and Pathe, Michel is here with live action drama My World Cup, from Spanish production company CactusFlower.





What are your expectations for your trip to The Financing Forum for Kids Content?

We believe our project has a story and message that will appeal to audiences around the world, and we hope to meet potential European co-producers, broadcasters and sales agents who will help us reach that audience. Read more ›

A conversation with Michael Gubbins

MICHAEL_GUBBINS_cropMichael Gubbins is an experienced journalist, analyst and consultant, working in the film, entertainment and media industries, with a particular expertise in on-demand and digital change. He is the founder of SampoMedia and chairs the Film Agency for Wales.



What are your expectations for your trip to The Financing Forum for Kids Content?

I am looking forward to hearing new perspectives on what remains a key issue for European film. If we lose young audiences, there is no future. Read more ›