Inspiring Case Study 2: The Invisible Boy

Producer Carlotta Caori from Indigo Film in Italy tells about the development of The Invisble Boy, a cross media universe evolved around a superhero film, developed for a young audience. The media, channels and artistic means include graphic novel, novel, music context and school context.


Carlotta udfolds the challenges and reflections on how to engage a young audience during development phase as a tool of marketing.

The film is made in Italian, set in the windswept city of Trieste, Italy. Directed by Oscar-winning Italian director Gabriele Salvatores (Mediterraneo), who is known for one of Europe’s best films, often focusing the children’s perspective in I’m Not Scared (2003). Carlotta explains that part of the success is due to the fact, that Salvatore is very willing to experiment and try out new possibilities.

The Invisible Boy 2 will be coming soon.