Pia Jønsson

Pia Jønsson

Following the success of previous years, we will be blogging about live events at The Financing Forum for Kids Content in Malmö, Sweden, from March 15th to 17th.

So even if you may not be able to participate in the Opening Industry Day, which we present in collaboration with KIDS Regio, or the side programme or the pitching events, you may get an impression of what’s going on. This year we have asked Pia Jønsson, who is the owner of METAFOR and works in the field of transmedia concept development and storytelling, to blog ‘on the fly’.

I’m very happy that Annette Brejner has asked me to blog from The Financing Forum for Kids Content. The event is unique of its kind, and an extremely important creative platform for interdisciplinary collaboration on development and innovation of idea generation processes and cross media strategies.

From my work with cross media content creation on a daily basis, I know that user experience and user needs are the very most critical factors to achieve a successful implementation and reception of a solution, may it be a media product or a service design. The earlier you include the target audience in the process the better. It not only keeps you on the track. It also adds new creative ideas and perspectives to the project, which overall leads to higher quality. This is not new. Though often deselected due to timing or economic reasons. It may seem cheaper at first hand, and you may feel in full control with your idea, but much more expensive later on, when the concept is fully developed and you have to spend money to find out why it failed.

So personally I’m very excited about the opportunity to experience Paul Tyler and Thomas Vigild bringing in kids as co-creators in their ThinkJam. It will surely shed new light on how to create processes for innovative concepts that promote successful projects.

I am also looking very much forward to hear all the very well selected speakers on most relevant topics that will for sure be inspiring and mind blowing.

See you soon. Stay tuned!
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