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Asta Wellejus

Asta Wellejus

Special preview for The Financing Forums participants:

Digital Culture (R)evolution for free download/ Report in Scandinavian with English excerpts

As part of  The Financing Forums new strategy and future focus on Kids & Interactives the Forum has the unique oppotunity of offering the participants to download the report ”Digital Culture (R)evolution” by Asta Wellejus – digital pioneer, developer and producer with more than 19 years experience in the field of cultural interactive formats.

  • The report gives a practical introduction into:
  • The future potential of digital culture experiences and its impact on society.
  • An overview of the major drivers and pioneers for digital cultural productions  internationally.
  • An analysis of cases, investments, funding strategies and results from France, UK, Germany, Israel, Finland and Denmark amongst others.
  • Digital consumer needs and the change of roles between creators and audiences
  • The difference between film, interactive work methods and markets and the changes required in the traditional funding structure.
  • The Digital Ecosystem and market for cultural productions in Denmark and Sweden
  • Strategies and important partners for creating growth in the digital cultural industry in the Scandinavian region.
  • Quotes and insights from more than 30 international digital culture experts; from digital writers, designers, producers, researchers and gaming companies.


The report was commissioned by the Øresundskomite, to give the Swedish and Danish Politicians an overview of the interactive field, its potential for growth and cultural change and impact.

“The report rightly highlights the problem of trying to find analogue answers to digital questions. The opportunities needed to grab the huge opportunities needs a shift in thinking, followed by a fresh look at the infrastructure and models of the old media silos”.

“The report is strong in understanding that the necessary change of thinking begins at the local level and with small agile business but needs to have an international dimension in its DNA”

“Ultimately, the report recognises that what is fundamentally changing is the relationship between culture and consumer. Bigger nations, such as the UK, may have advantages, particularly in its US reach but the report offers sound reasons to believe that smart thinking and cooperation between media forms and states cannot have a major impact.”

Michael Gubbins, Sampomedia, Experienced analyst, journalist and consultant with particular expertise in film and digital media.

“The emergence of digital experiences, products and services, is happening across markets and in all sectors of society. This happens even faster in the area of experiences for kids, as they are digital native. The new formats for kids spans markets such as films, games, museum experiences, city space activities and learning, creating mixed formats and crossover fertilization from one field to another. In this crossover, innovation experimentation and digital literacy has its hotspot. Therefore The Financing Forum for Kids Content is a significant platform for creating the needed changes in how to imagine, develop test and produce the cultural formats for our coming generations – the digital native culture consumers.” Asta Wellejus, Die Asta Experience.

In the report Josephine Pine II (co-author of The Experience Economy and Infinite Possibility: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier) express the current potential for digital cultural experiences.

“Goods and services are no longer enough. Today consumers want experiences — memorable events that engage them in an inherently personal way. But with the advent of digital technology, there is a migration going on from reality to virtuality, as everyone now competes for the time, attention, and money of individual customers.  And increasingly consumers want to incorporate digital technology into even their real-world experiences, whether through their own smartphones or through special-purpose technology suited to the specific experience. So more and more companies need to do is create experiences that fuse the real with the virtual. This makes possible new and wondrous experiences never before envisioned, engendered, nor encountered. With the advent of digital technology, we are now limited only by our imagination. And of that there is no end.”

— B. Joseph Pine II, co-author, The Experience Economy and Infinite Possibility: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier

”This is even more true, when we think about Children and Children as Digital Culture Consumers.

To flag the frontier and expand the responsibility of what we do at The Financing Forum for Kids Content, it makes more than sense to border a journey of interactive experiences for Kids. We set of with a Pilot Lab of Interactivity for Kids spearheaded by Interactive Pioneer Asta Wellejus.

This initiative will lead into an expanded focus of Interactivity for Kids during The Financing Forums 10 years anniversary in 2016”

Annette Brejner, Head/ The Financing Forum for Kids Content.




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