RealYoung Workshop 2016 – new fruitful insights

Tuesday morning at the HIPP. Experts from the documentary film industry and the target audience are debating the possibilities of lifting  documentaries for young audiences. The pivotal point is a number of presentations of specific documentary concepts, very different by nature; dealing with very different topics, made for very different purposes, cultural contexts, and target groups. The 4 hours workshop is facilitated by Ove Rishøj Jensen, Film Consultant EDN, Denmark.

First presentation of a film concept raises the question of how exactly  to meet the target group. Does the project appeal to the audience it is meant for? Luckily the workshop include two young men, aged 14 and 15, who comment qualified on that, which provides the filmmaker with new insights for sure – and possibly the rest of the participants, as well.

It is obvious that these animated discussions about a wide palette of facets of concrete concepts, in a forum of entusiastic documentary film experts are very fruitful. Not least because of the contributions from the target audience.  This workshop form deserves a lot of openess and respect, of course, which is also fully demonstrated here. When done in the right atmosphere, as at the RealYoung Workshop,  everybody may learn from debating whether a story / film concept / game /  should be communicated on more media, in more languages, have more narrative layers, whether it should look more into the emotions and lives of the characters, whether it should be more informative about facts, be more cross cultural etc. etc..

First and foremost the output is a lot of useful insights for the filmmakers who present their ‘darlings’ in this closed forum. A convincing start to the day.




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