..that bring in kids as co-creators

Next session of the ThinkJam includes local kids. Most of the multilingual. They are divided into groups with the filmmakers. Each group is going to play a game with illustrated cards.

One in the group is the storyteller for each round, and the challenge is not to explain the picture on a chosen card on the card too simple nor too complicated. Tou are not aloud to describe the exact illustration, but only a association you get. If made too simple, you don’t get any points. After the explanation, the card is shuffled with a card from each of the other players, chosen to communicate somewhat the same. The cards – showing the illustrations – are put side by side on the table, and the participants now have to guess which card belongs to the storyteller.

For each round of playing a keyword is chosen by the storyteller in the group. Could be for example ‘future’, ‘travel’ or ‘time machine’.


Visualizations of ‘love is a game’


Four cards symbolizing ‘science’

Evaluation of the card game
The game is about association. And the participants have been asking the kids questions like: ‘Why did you choose that card’ and have thereby gotten a valuable insight into the way children may reflect on complicated topics and abstract notions. The game makes it plausible to discuss the understanding of these pictures in a new context with others – in this case children – you have never seen before.

New game about concept
A new game is presented. It deals with concept development. The object of the game is for the storyteller in the group to explain a word /person / notion / phrase by choosing and combining pictures from a canvas:


The picture canvas of the concept game

Also this game provide the partipants with a new way of collaborating with kids, and gives the filmmakers with new important insights into childrens way of thinking and creating connections.

Tomorrow the group is going to work the other way around…


Paul Tyler and Thomas Vigild facilitating groups of film makers and kids in the hall at HIPP

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