ThinkJam: Head start on tools …


Introduction to ThinkJam

During Tuesday and Wednedsday afternoon the creative lab ThinkJam will challenge around 20 creatives from different fields of the kids content sector to backtrack their ideas, and examine the actual theme in order to make their original idea even better.

A jam is a kind of experiment, where it is okay to make mistakes. So you should embrase that notion.” (Thomas Vigild)

The ThinkJam is facilitated by Paul Tyler (Handling Ideas, Denmark), Thomas Vigild (Headmaster at Vallekilde Game Academy, Denmark) and Co-tutor Nicole Kellerhals (dramaturge X-Filme, Germany).

We are definitely not going to focus test your ideas…we are going to focus on, why you want to make the project and how you can make the audience see it.”  (Paul Tyler)

Here we go..
First part of the game: The participants are divided into groups of two. One is explaining to the other, why she/he wants to make that specific project, that they are dealing with at the very moment. The one who listens is making notes.


‘Why do you want to make this project?’

Now everyone has to sit by themselves to answer to the same question: Why do you want to make this project? Not only once, but actually five times, to be able to in the end to come up with the ‘perfect’ answer, which by each participant is put on a piece of paper.


What’s attractive for the target group…

Next step is for each participant to vote by applying three stickers to mark the top three to the individidual answers – placed on the wall – to the question; What do think is most interesting for the target group? 


The stickers


All answers presented on the wall

That gives a picture of which answers are the strongest ad most convincing.

The card game


Some of the cards

Then a card game is introduced.

And now preparation for the kids to come… to be continued…

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